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Tim Cook has shared some details about Apple’s upcoming product plans.

If Apple’s recent product line-up for the past two years is to go by, one may think that the company is running out of innovation. However, during the recent annual general meeting, CEO Tim Cook had some interesting news to share. Cook shared some details about future Apple products with the investors saying that the company has been working on products that will “blow you away.”

As reported by Bloomberg, Cook said that Apple is “rolling the dice” on some future products, with the eventual goal of reducing price of 2018 Retina MacBook Air, which is currently priced upwards of $1,200. Talking about AirPods and Apple Watch, Cook said that there’s a “long, great roadmap” in the horizon.

While he didn’t dive deeper, rumors so far have suggested that next-gen AirPods are all set to launch in the near future, probably before the end of March 2019. It will be available in black color option, with new functionalities such as support for “Hey Siri,” ability to charge wirelessly, and active noise cancellation as well.

Further, Apple is also believed to be working on ambitious products such as a pair of augmented reality smart glasses, and a full self-driving vehicle. Apple is also working on services where it meeting its goal set in 2016, which was to double the revenue by 2020 to $25 billion.

The Cupertino giant is expected to unveil two new products in the services category by the end of this month, which includes a streaming TV service with original TV shows, and a new news service with subscription service to magazines and sites by paying a monthly fee. Sure, Apple has created a hype, and now it remains to be seen if it can deliver as promised.

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